‘Big Sam’ takes 2 seconds to accept the control of ‘Yung Thong’ to do a mission to escape death.

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Sam Allardyce is a little puzzled by Leeds United’s job offer for the remaining four games of the season. But it’s okay without thinking long when the contact comes in. Get it as a tough job The first thing to do is to stop losing a lot of goals first.

Leeds United manager Sam Allardyce admitted that it only took a few seconds to take the job of helping Yungthong escape relegation in four remaining games and was unwilling to believe the job would be offered. Come at the end of the season like this. After having just been officially announced on Wednesday, May 3, to replace the Spanish trainer Javi Gracia. who led the UFABET team to perform so poorly that they had to fall from the chair

'Big Sam' takes 2 seconds to accept the control of 'Yung Thong' to do a mission to escape death.

After sacking the club’s director of football Victor Orta a day earlier. The Yorkshire club sacked Gracia on Wednesday morning, along with his backroom staff. Due to disappointing performance Leading the team to rank 17th in the table, with 5 games. After losing 4 games and the latest game to defeat Bournemouth in a 1-4 victory. A long with having to use the service. The head coach who is known for escorting the team to avoid relegation will take over the next 4 matches.

“I know (Leeds) are having a lot of problems,” said Allardyce , who is the third manager of the season after Jesse Marsh and Gracia. never thought At this time of the season there will be jobs coming in to offer. when the phone rings with a name that I know well I immediately knew who it was. So it took me about 2 seconds to say yes. I’ve encountered a lot of problems before. And I should have had a little more time but in four games hopefully we can make a difference and keep this great club in the Premier League.”

The former Bolton Wanderers and England coach also said that It’s definitely going to be a very difficult game. When facing Manchester City, Newcastle United, West Ham United and Spurs in the past, the team lost 28 goals in the last 10 or 12 games and the first thing to do is stop. that thing To get out of a bad situation He is doing everything possible with the staff who play the most important role in supporting the work. to try to get players out of this problem

It is reported that Allardyce will receive a total wage of £ 500,000 until the end of the season, or approximately 21.5 million baht, and if able to successfully lead the team to avoid relegation, there will be another £ 2.5 million in bonuses. Approximately 107.5 million baht means that He will receive 3 million pounds or approximately 129 million baht if the performance meets the goals the club board wants.