Casemiro insists on leaving Madrid join Ghost not about money

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Casemiro explained in his farewell ceremony from Real Madrid because he moved to Manchester United because his time at the White King has expired, not about his salary. old

Casemiro, midfielder , Brazilian national team Came out to confirm at the official farewell ceremony of Real Madrid. His move to Manchester United was not due to money and he was determined to achieve. Success with the club he thought was the world’s largest  

Casemiro insists on leaving Madrid join Ghost not about money

The Red Devils just announced Samba midfielder Join the army already with an initial fee of 60 million pounds or about 2,640 million baht. Only the physical examination and signing process remaining. The deal will be officially completed. The report states that the News will receive wages from United in the amount of 350,000 pounds or about 15.4 million baht per week. Double the amount received with the White King team.

In a farewell statement at the Santiago Bernabeu, the 30-year-old star has denied moving the team this time as a matter of money. “Whoever thinks that I will go for the money Show that they don’t know me I think there are few people and they don’t know me It’s not for the money, they’re wrong, that’s not the case at the end of the Champions League. Final (where Real Madrid beat Liverpool ) I have a feeling that My time with the team has come to an end. honestly after taking a break clear mind The feeling remains the same not due to impulsiveness And I spoke to the team after UCLA.” 

At the same time , Casemiro also praised the new agency. It’s the biggest team in the world. And can compete with the greatness of Real Madrid , although not at this time. He has not talked to Cristiano Ronaldo and hopes that he will stay with the UFABET team. Because he is one of the best players of all time. And they are excited to move to play in the Premier League.

Casemiro enjoyed a successful career at Madrid , winning five UEFA Champions League titles and three La Liga titles after joining the team in 2013 and preparing to make his debut as a player. Four of Manchester United, after Tyrell Malacia, Christian Eriksen and Lisandro Martinez, who moved before during this transfer window.