‘Courtois’ knee surgery, the King put ‘De Gea’ in place.

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Thibo Courtois has been unlucky ahead of the start of the new season. When undergoing surgery for anterior cruciate ligament tear And may have to stay for a long time throughout the season, resulting in Real Madrid having to contact David de Gea to watch the net instead

Real Madrid, the Spanish La Liga team, confirmed that Belgian goalkeeper Thiba Courtois He suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during training on Thursday August 10. Causing him to undergo surgery soon and is expected to take several months to recover than to come back down to guard the pole for the ทางเข้า ufabet team

'Courtois' knee surgery, the King put 'De Gea' in place.

Mr. Dan, 31 years old, works continuously as the first hand. Since moving from Chelsea in 2018, he has made 230 appearances for the club. Winning two La Liga titles with Real Madrid and one UEFA Champions League . Returning next April But if it’s slower means Discussion’s season ended before it started.

“You never expected that It’s going to be something like this, but now it’s time to accept it and do whatever it takes to win. And come back stronger than before Post a message on social media: “Thank you everyone for your encouragement, love and support. I confirm that These things will help me to recover as quickly as possible.”

Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti is left with only substitute Andre Lunin, who made just 12 appearances in goal last season. Therefore, it is inevitable that a new contract will be signed. According to talksport, former Manchester United and Atletico Madrid goalkeeper David de Gea is their top target. And negotiations are underway to reach an agreement on both sides.

De Gea is currently a free agent player. After the contract expired and left Old Trafford at the beginning of the summer Now he can return to his hometown to continue his career path. and is a club that has been rumored He had almost moved to the team in the past, if Madrid can win. This goal can come. It will make them not have to pay the price. He also got one of the best players in European leagues to join the event.