Klopp claims Liverpool deserve to win after painful defeat to Manchester United

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp opened up in an interview after his side’s defeat at Manchester United on Monday night as his team should have won.

     Jürgen Klopp believes Liverpool should win at Old Trafford forlast night’s Premier League defeat to Manchester United. 2-1 Both sides had a very poor performance before meeting each other in this game. The Red Devils lost the first two games of the season while the Reds have drawn both.

Klopp claims Liverpool deserve to win after painful defeat to Manchester United

         However, it turned out to be a Red Devil who first recovered from a difficult situation. Their performances have greatly improved and deserved their wins thanks to goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, with the hosts being a much more impressive team. However, Klopp thinks his team could have earned three points if they had played more confidently.

   “We are in a difficult situation with injuries. That’s who we are,” he told Sky Sports . “We got through this week with the first-team players who can play 14-15. We have to make sure no one gets hurt during the week. because there are no more options left.” “But even in our situation If we play a little better Trust a little more about what we do. We should win this game. I know it might sound ridiculous. But that’s what I saw. We lost and now we have to keep going.”

  When looking at the statistics Klopp could be controversial. The visitors finished with 70% of possession, having more shots and more shots on target than the hosts. However, those stats do not represent the reality in this UFABET game that Manchester United looked to be a better team. for most games Except when Liverpool didn’t care what was going on and were ready to take risks in the last 15 minutes when Mohamed Salah scored a consolation goal.

Klopp told the BBC he expects a much better performance on Saturday at home to Bournemouth: “I don’t have a lot of arguments. we lost this game But if it’s another day with more confidence about what we do. We will be able to turn around. That’s what it is.” “In football we can play. we need a fight We have a good home game on Saturday. And Anfield will tremble. We will try to do everything that every Liverpool fan expects. We will fight for our lives.”