Mane admires the man after the Tigers’ brilliant start to the season.

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Bayern Munich star Sadio Mane scored twice as Bayern Munich thrashed Bochum 7-0 in the Bundesliga last night. Come and he doesn’t forget to give a special compliment to someone.

 Football , German Bundesliga Bochum , the 17th runner-up team after losing two matches in a row, opened the Vonovia Ruhrstadion stadium. Received the visit of the reigning champion Bayern Munich, who have won 2 consecutive matches with 6 full points, holding 6th place.

Mane admires the man after the Tigers' brilliant start to the season.

  This game only started in the first four minutes, the ‘old champ’ invaded to lead the hosts like Bochum quickly 1-0 from the moment Leroy Sane brought the ball up before going to the right for Kingsley Coman slapped. Back to make Sane slam with full force, squeeze the first pillar in. Later in the 25th minute, the visiting team took a 2-0 lead from a corner kick on the left side. Joshua Kimmich bowed to the far post for Matthijs de Ligt to head in.

Southern Tigers’ lead 2-0 for 33 minutes, Bayern Munich got an orange ball. After the defensive line of Bochum was not well extracted. The ball fell in front of Koman. Only 0 is not enough. 42 minutes. The visiting team can add more from the rhythm at Goman. Draft dabble cut into the payout fell to Sadio Mane rocked the shot with the left plugged in the corner no left. The first half ended with Bayern leading 4-0. 

 In the second half of the 60th minute, ‘Tiger Tai’ came to get a penalty. When Koman Speed ​​came to receive the ball in the penalty area , when Saidi Yanko slides his knee and falls down. The referee pointed out the foul immediately. It was Mane who killed the second seed of the game in this for the visiting team to flee far 5-0 not enough in the 69th minute. Ryan Krafenberg, a substitute, stabbed the ball in the middle of the field for Sane. Using speed, pressure until Christian Gumbua quickly followed and dunked the ball. Becoming unlucky, the ball rolled through his teammate’s defense into his own goal instead. Bayern finished in the 76th minute from Serge Gnabry. The end of time Bayern Munich defeated Bochum 7-0, winning three games in a row with 9 points to rise to the top of the single crowd.

   After the UFABET game, Mane, who scored twice in the game. Said he was not surprised by the team’s excellent start to the season. Credited with the intense training and tactics of manager Julian Nagelsmann. With the Tigers winning three in a row and their +14 goals conceded. It means they have the best start in Bundesliga history. Mane pointed out that Bayern Munich’s preparations have already been demonstrated on the pitch.

  “It’s incredible. But it doesn’t surprise me [considering] the way we train,” Mane told the Bundesliga website. “This is a high-level training session. The high concentration… everything we do It pays off because we work so hard in training,” the 30-year-old Senegal, who spent six years under Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp. Also credit Nagelsmann. For the form of the team in this game “We have a very good coach,” “The idea he has is unbelievable.” “It’s very difficult for other teams. to cope with us.”