Why did Van Dijk choose ‘Virgil’ on his shirt instead of his last name?

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Revealed why Liverpool centre-back Virgil van Dijk chose to use his name ‘Virgil’ on the back of his shirt instead of using his surname van Dijk.

   Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has made a UFABET name for himself as one of the greatest centre-backs in world football. And is one of the best Premier League playersAfter doing a great job at Southampton The Reds agreed to pay £75million for his services. And he repaid it in the form of a Premier League title. First league in 30 years 

Why did Van Dijk choose 'Virgil' on his shirt instead of his last name?

         The UEFA Champions League is yet another trophy added to his collection. and for personal statistics He is the only defender to win the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year award. And many people probably noticed that The Dutchman chose to have ‘Virgil’ printed on his shirt. instead of his surname as commonly used by footballers. Although he never disclosed the reason personally. But his close relatives had already revealed the reason.

         The former Southampton and Celtic defender is someone who always chooses to let the action on the pitch speak for himself. Which is probably why he never mentioned why we saw the name ‘Virgil’ on the back of his shirt. However, according to his uncle Stephen Fo Xiao, Van Dijk chose to do this. because of a long-standing feud with his father that dates back to when he was 12 years old

         “His father separated from his mother and their three children, including Virgil. The truth is that his father hasn’t been around for many important years. And his mother is the real hero of the story,” Fo Xiao told The Sun. “You wouldn’t take your father’s name off your shirt for no reason. And Virgil made it very clear how he felt,” continued Van Dijk’s uncle. “Ron [Van Dijk] was a good guy, but you have to be more than that to be a good father. You have to be there for your kids. Ron is married again and his new wife is very overbearing. Therefore, he rarely sees his children.”

  Van Dijk’s uncle has been a great help to his grandson in the world of football by taking him to training and competing at youth level. But it still insists that his mom deserves all the credit. “She has a full-time job and three children to take care of. So she never had time for herself at all.” “She spent every day working. Then came home and took care of the children. and cook all the food.” “I felt sympathy for Virgil. It was as if he fell between the two sides. “It’s very sad. But his performances on the pitch and personality off the pitch will certainly make his devoted mother proud.”

         Van Dijk isn’t the only footballer who doesn’t use his last name on his shirt and breaks the norm for Dele Alli, who is currently playing in Turkey. The Liverpool defender has opted to use his real name on the back of the shirt since 2016, claiming he felt there was no real connection to his last name . family reasons