Check yourself, are you too “sensitive”?

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As far as I can observe myself Do you consider yourself to be an overly emotional person? When I go to see a movie and see an emotional scene, I cry. *When faced with pressure, I cry. When someone makes loud noises, they cry. -When you encounter chaos that you’re not used to ทางเข้า ufabet, you cry. If you want to know whether you are an emotionally sensitive person or not. Explore the features below.

Check yourself, are you too "sensitive"?

But please know that emotional sensitivity can happen to everyone. It’s not unusual. And it depends on how well each person handles their own inner sensitivities.

Characteristics of emotionally sensitive people 

  • When people around you make loud noises Or are there loud noises from other people and you feel like running away?
  • You can feel it even if the temperature changes by just two degrees Celsius.
  • You don’t like being in places with too much light.
  • When chaos occurs, you feel like you are being attacked as well.
  • You avoid going to parties. Or a pub that you think is noisy and you don’t like?
  • You can notice the slightest change in the tone of your conversation partner’s tone.
  • You can feel something is wrong without anyone having to warn you.
  • When there is stress? If you have problems with love, you show more emotion than is reasonable.
  • You feel it every time the people around you appear calm, but you can tell they are spinning.
  • Every time you feel hungry you get irritated.
  • If you have to work on two things at the same time You’re definitely out of your mind.
  • Deciding to choose one over the other is not your nature at all.
  • You like to work in a quiet office.
  • After a hard day You often find a quiet corner for yourself to refresh your mind.

If you have all of these symptoms Please rest assured that you are not crazy. You are not a social person. Or is someone who likes to destroy other people’s happiness? What you are is that you are a sensitive person. Emotionally sensitive Makes you not hide your true feelings And people like you are mentally stronger than people who are not emotionally sensitive. But I like to hide it inside my heart.